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The Farias Firm handle car accidents

How does The Farias Firm handle car accidents?

We will engage in intricate and detailed negotiations for a fair settlement from the insurance company. Here at The Farias firm we understand that all personal injury claims mainly depend on two factors: Liability and Damages.
Liability: The issue of liability speaks for itself and that is to say, liability means whose fault was it? Most, if not all, personal injury cases arise out of what is legally termed “negligence.” Negligence refers to the idea that a person, or business, owes a duty to others, that they breached this duty, which in turn caused harm to an entity. For example, every driver in every jurisdiction in the United States has a duty to operate motor vehicles in a non-negligent manner, which means a manner that is not potentially harmful to person or property.

California is a comparative negligence state. That is to say, they take liability in percentages and, as a result, the damages you can recover, will be a percentage of the liability of the other party. For example, a car that gets rear-ended is clear liability case and the victim will be entitled to 100% of the damages incurred. However, for example, when two cars hit each other on their front ends, each may be liable for 50% of the damages incurred.

Damages: Damages are the injuries, physical, mental, societal, and other types that occur due to the negligence of another person or business. Car accidents, for example, can cause physical injury due to the impact of the collision; mental injury because of the trauma; and societal injuries such as loss of consortium. Our job is to make sure that you are justly compensated for all damages.

The types of damages available in a personal injury case consist of both non-economic damages and economic damages.

Non-economic damages consist of:

– Physical pain and suffering
– Humiliation and embarrassment
– Shock and mental anguish
– Loss of reputation
– Loss of consortium
– Loss of society and companionship
– Emotional distress

Economic damages consist of:

– Property damage
– Lost wages
– Lost earning capacity
– Medical expenses
– Funeral and burial expenses
– Property damage

At The Farias Firm Our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles, we understand that every injury case is different. We have recovered millions for our clients by advising them on next steps, negotiating on their behalf with powerful insurance companies, and even representing clients in court in front of a jury. Your FREE CONSULTATION is the first step in letting us help you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Always remember that your status in the country in irrelevant. Persons injured in California are entitled to compensation regardless of their legal status.

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